Agora Community Website Hackathon – 18 Nov 2016

Agora Code Community Website Hackathon



18th November at 14:00hrs - 20th November at 16:00hrs


Global Platform Zambia Plot 5777A Great East Road Lusaka

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The purpose of this hackathon, to take place from the 18th to the 20th of November, will be to build a web app for the community. While this will only be the first iteration (the app will be worked and further streamlined after the hackathon), the goal of the event isto deliver a website that will cater to the community’s basic needs; a place where members can communicate, cooperate,share ideas and organize meet ups amongst themselves. Another goal of the hackathon, outside of building a website that will work as an online portal for community members, is to also bring them together to work and learn from one another so as to foster relationships with people that have a similar passion for coding and software design (in line with the overall objectives of Agora).


  • Teams must comprise of five or less people.
  • Each team gets no more than 20 minutes for presentation of their work on the final day.
  • When voting occurs, each team must cast votes for another team; no self-voting allowed.
  • The website with the most votes (the “People’s choice”) will be used by the community in the next iteration of the website


Friday, Nov 18

1. 2PM – 3PM: Introductions to the hackathon and Agora Code Community
2. 3PM – 4PM: Pitching of ideas, brainstorming and breaking into teams.
3. 4PM – 7PM: Snack and Hacking begins!

Saturday, Nov 19

1. 9AM – 10AM: Breakfast, coding begins
2. 10AM – 1PM: HACK!
3. 1PM – 2PM: Lunch.
4. 2PM – 4PM: Caffeine and HACKING!
5. 4PM – 7PM: Snack and Hack.

Sunday, Nov 20

1. 9AM – 10AM: Breakfast; coding begins.
2. 10AM – 1PM: Coding; demo prep.
3. 1PM – 2PM: Lunch.
4. 2PM – 3PM: Demos, voting and presentation of awards.
5. 3PM – 4PM: Hang out and network


Mukuma Musenge +260 97 8805182
Chopa Chota +260 97 9837148
Elias-Isaac Phiri +260 97 8715997
Seda Kunda +260 96 6270788
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